Nozlen Document Poster Tube

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$24.95 $48.95
SKU: BNZ10258

The Nozlen Expanding Document Tube Model DT3001 expands from 24.5" to 40" with 21 adjustable locking positions in 3/4" increments. This Black tube now has a longer shoulder strap. The strap is long enough to use even when the poster tube is fully extended. This telescoping tube is great for poster collectors, artists, draftsman, use on job sites, for students and professionals. The screw on end cap makes storing and removing documents very simple. The removable lid cap allows you to store your contact information or tube storage details for easy identification. The screw on cap with a tight seal makes the Nozlen Document Tube both water and light resistant. This tube is made out of a very durable plastic, and is not "flimsy" in any way. The document tube is perfect for posters, art work, drawings, blueprints, maps, arrows, large photos, vintage posters, small toys you don't want to lose, etc.